The Tribute┬« MasterCard┬« Gold Card, issued by First Bank of Delaware, is designed for those who would like the opportunity to build or rebuild their credit and only require the basic functions of a credit card. The card offers high interest rates, and all of the variable interest rates have minimum caps. This simply means that no matter how low the Prime Rate drops, the interest rates on the account will not go below the stated minimum caps. In addition, the APRs for all transactions are tied to the highest Prime Rate during a 90-day period. Therefore, due to this policy, the APRs may never reach the lowest possible interest rates. Continue Reading »

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Posted on Oct 01 2006 | Tagged as: Travel Reward Credit Cards, Master Card, Credit Card, Credit Counseling, Credit Repair, Debt Relief, Mastercard, Card, Review, Pros and Cons, Eliminate Debt